Put Your Trust Online. The Idea Behind ConfirmID.

The Internet has revolutionized the way people meet and interact. Today, many people first meet online using personal sites, instant messaging, and email - without any way to really know if the person they are interacting with is really who they say they are. ConfirmID provides 3rd party verification of information by reviewing a person's valid photo identification.

Being verified while remaining anonymous is very important. By working closely with personal ad sites, we are able to verify members' information without disclosing names or addresses. By verifying their information, ConfirmID users become more approachable in the online space. Our users show their dedication to honesty and prove their commitment to sincere interaction.

ConfirmID Partners Give Users Confidence.

ConfirmID provides exclusive 3rd party verification services for many of the leaders of online personals - giving millions of users the opportunity to verify their identity and experience better results from their online interactions. ConfirmID website partners increase customer loyalty by improving the quality of their online member communications. With ConfirmID, people can feel more comfortable initiating contact and communicating in chat rooms or by email. Verification is a way to establish trust from the start and build safer, stronger relationships on the web.

About Our Current Partners

ConfirmID partners have integrated this exciting service into their sites in order to provide users with an easy way to become verified. Users also:

  • Remain anonymous while giving others the confidence to interact with them.
  • Save time. Skip preliminary emails with instant verification.
  • Feel more secure when they interact with a verified member.

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A few of the ConfirmID Partner sites!
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