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What is the purpose of ConfirmID?
ConfirmID allows members of online communities to verify their true identity. A recent study shows that people who go online only believe approximately half of what others post about themselves, making them cautious about interacting with people they meet online. ConfirmID bridges the gap, giving people a way to verify their information.
What information is verified and how?
ConfirmID verifies and optionally displays the age, gender, height, weight, and location (city/state or province/country) of each user. The submission of the user's driver's license with matching signature is used to cross-reference and confirm this information.
Is ConfirmID anonymous?
Confidential information, such as a name or specific address, is kept completely anonymous. Users have complete control over their account. They may choose to only display their age, or just their gender. ConfirmID users can make these changes on their "My Account" page.

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How do I become verified?
To become verified, follow these easy steps:
1. Print out the confirmation form found here.
2. Double Check all of your information, and write in any needed information.
3. Attach a readable copy of your valid driver's license, state id card, or
    passport. If we can't read it, then we can't verify you.
4. Mail it to:

    Confirm ID, Inc.
    910 E. Hamilton Ave., Suite 600
    Campbell, CA, 95008, United States

How do other people know I've been verified?
Once you're verified (i.e., we review your sent-in identification form), we will inform our partner sites . They will then put a link to your ConfirmID badge on your personal (profile) page. The Badge will list only the information you want to display. You can adjust what to display on your "My Account" page.
How many sites can I be verified on?
The Basic Package allows you to be verified on up to 5 sites. Sites available to connect your ConfirmID account to include (more to come):
How can I add sites to my ConfirmID verified list?
Stringent security measures require that ConfirmID users link to our site from the site where they have a membership. If you wish to confirm your information for a site, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into the site where you are a member (e.g.,
  2. Click on the ConfirmID logo/link promotion on our affiliated site.
  3. You will then be prompted to log into your account on ConfirmID.
  4. When you log in, we will then automatically connect your ConfirmID account with your account on our affiliated site.
If I forgot my password, what do I do?
Click here and we will send a reminder to the email address you used to register at ConfirmID.
Can I change my password?
For security purposes, ConfirmID users are NOT allowed to change their password. However, you can have us change it automatically by updating your email address (even to the same address).
Can I change my email address?
You may change your email address at any time. Once you submit a new address, ConfirmID will send you a new password, and your account will revert to "Pending". Once you've logged in with this new password, your account will again show you as "Verified". To update your email address, please follow these steps:
  • Log into ConfirmID with your email address and password.
  • From your "My Account" page, click on the "Update" link.
  • Make changes in the "Email Address" section and click on the "Update" button.
How do I update my account information?
Log into ConfirmID with your email address and password to be automatically taken to your "My Account" page. Here you may:
  • Update your email address or location
  • Turn on or off the visibility of your information for each service.


I have a question about my bill. Who do I contact?
Click here to send an email to the ConfirmID team. We will look into the matter for you right away and respond as soon as possible.
Why was my credit card declined?
Your credit card may have been declined for a number of reasons such as:
  • Insufficient funds
  • Incorrectly entered credit card number or verification number
  • Expiration date was incorrect or card had already expired
  • Billing address entered did not correspond with your credit card

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How do I contact your customer service department?
If this help section has not answered your question, you may contact the ConfirmID team by clicking here. Please remember to select the subject of your message from the menu on this feedback page.